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Rosie by C-Puff
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Rosie by C-Puff

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ATTENTION POKEMON PLAYERS! Want me to hunt you a free shiny? 


Do you like shinies? Do you want a chance to win a bred shiny? Welp, I’ve got news for you!

This is a giveaway of sorts, a special one at that. Basically, I love hunting shinies for pokedex data but I have so many that, naturally, I like giving some away for people so long as I trust them to temporarily trade me back the evolutions later for pokedex data. (I of course always trade them back to the owner c:)

Anyways, this time I’m stumped at what pokemon I want to hunt next, so: I’m giving you guys the decision for what to hunt for next PLUS you get to keep the shiny you chose for me to hunt! Also, to make this even cooler: you get to decide little details such as egg moves, natures and the name! How awesome is that?

Ok here are the rules:

  1. Take a look at my list of shiny Pokemon I currently own and make sure the shiny is not one I have hunted for yet. The point of this is to get a shiny I can get new shiny dex entries for but the bonus is that you keep the shiny! Make sure that this Pokemon, or its evolutionary relatives, are able to be bred for shinies. I am doing this hunt in Pokemon Y btw
  2. Do not like this post. It would be easier for me to decide winners if you don’t like the post.
  3. Reply to/reblog/answer the post ONCE with the recommended species you desire.
  4. Make sure that when the time for this ends and a winner is chosen, that your ask box is open! I need to be able to send you an ask to tell you you’ve won + swap friend codes! If the winner does not reply in 24 hours I will choose another.
  5. I will decide a winner on Saturday April 26th, at around 8 PM EST.

And that’s about it! I figured this was a cute and fun idea so why not do it to help get someone a shiny they want while also trying to complete my shiny pokedex?

Good luck!

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iggy-koopa replied to your post: yo anyone have any villagers moving ri…

mine is full of lazy asses lol ill let you know though


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yo anyone have any villagers moving right now? i might take them o:

ESPECIALLY ANY UCHI VILLAGERS I am in desperate need of some girls my village is mainly full of smug villagers

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this is a religious experience

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Hey friends! If you’ve been following me since February I am very sorry to annoy you with yet another post about my ex boyfriend Steve, shavingryansprivates, regarding his awful behavior towards others.

A few months ago I spoke openly about how he sexually assaulted me while we were together sometime in December or January. After publicly speaking about his mistreatment towards me, 3 girls messaged me sharing their experiences with him. Amid exposing male bloggers for their predatory behavior recently, 4 more have come forward to tell me about their experiences with him.

So I’m compiling this post so his other victims can share their stories and have their voices heard. Just so everyone knows, it’s a very long post.

Warning: there are mentions of #sexual assault, #emotional abuse, and #predatory behavior so please exercise caution if you continue to read.

Read More

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i don’t even care if his fucking cronies come up to me and defend him i will kick their fucking asses

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destroy shavingryansprivates and destroy all other outed “tumblr famous” rapists/abusers/terrible people that people keep defending. fucking annihilate them

#shavingryansprivates #Rape #Abuse #Negativity